Mano y Mente is a private artist-in-residence program in Tularosa, a historic town in southern New Mexico. The Mano y Mente program takes advantage of the local southern NM landscapes (the White Sands National Monument region, San Andres mountain ranges, Carrizozo Malpais lava flow, and desert cliffs) and gives artists space to pursue their own individual projects. The program runs for three months each session and there are two separate sessions with different artists each year. During each single session, the 3-4 participant artists spend every other week traveling to local landscapes. Landscape sitevisit weeks alternate with weeks spent in the studio where artists work on their individual projects, which can or cannot relate to inspiration drawn from the previous landscape painting week.

During the middle and end of the program there are scheduled trips to local and northern NM galleries and museums. At this time artists will be able to see the broad range of current and historical landscape art from New Mexico. Both the patron and the director of the program are art and local history enthusiasts and hope that each session’s participants leave New Mexico with the same zeal and curiosity.


Ideal candidates will have demonstrated their abilities and commitment to the arts through bodies of work that show both range and focus. Further, candidates must demonstrate that they have previously exhibited their work (at galleries, public venues, or at other establishments) and have also participated in public art projects. Ideal candidates will also have some experience/years beyond the setting of formal education.

Prospective artists do not need to concentrate exclusively on art inspired by landscapes while with the program, but should desire to take advantage of the scenic natural settings of New Mexico. Artists will be expected to participate in the alternate-week landscape painting/drawing outings.

Mano y Mente works best for participants who are independent, very motivated, and able to function in, and contribute to, a small community setting. The compatibility of personalities is taken into account when selecting participants for each session. Participants who are not chosen for one session might be an excellent fit for another session, given that they meet the various requirements listed above.

As Mano y Mente is part of a loaned private residence, it is important that artists be mature, responsible, and respectful of the space. This will ensure the longevity of the program and the continuing good humor of its cowboy patron. The use of illegal substances on studio and housing property is not permitted.

Housing, Transportation, and Supplies

Mano y Mente provides utilities and free housing in shared apartments with a common kitchen. The actual studio is quite large, with plenty of space for each of the 3-4 artists each session to spread out and create. It is equipped with easels, tables, and a clean-up space. The studio also provides some basic materials: gesso, staples for canvas stretching, and clean-up materials like turpentine and soap.

The studio director drives the artists to the local landscape regions during the landscape painting weeks. The director also provides transportation to a larger local town (Alamogordo) once a week, which provides more grocery and shopping options than does Tularosa. There is also local shuttle which runs a few times a day between Tularosa and Alamogordo, which takes about 20-30 minutes each way between the center of each town.

Artists must bring with them or purchase/order all paints, canvases, and drawing materials they wish to use throughout the program. They pay for their own food (cafes and a grocery store are within walking distance) and their air transportation to the region of the program. The closest airport is an hour and a half drive from Tularosa, in El Paso, Texas.


Please click to download. Space is limited and some sessions fill up six months in advance. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions!

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